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WHY switch to biodiesel ?

It gives you an immediate reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

It is a healthier fuel for your machinery.  The added lubricity reduces wear and tear on your engines mechanical parts.

It is made from recycled waste – used cooking oil. Therefore supporting a circular waste to energy economy.

When you use our biofuel, we measure your company ’s carbon footprint reduction and award certificates to verify your contribution to saving the planet.

WHAT is it made from ?

Our biofuel is only made from waste, used cooking oil (UCO), never virgin oil.

This supports a more professional waste management programme as well as well as keeps potential dangerous produce out of the human consumption chain.


WHERE does it come from ?

We operate a 24*7 professional UCO collection network.

We collect from hotels, food courts, shopping malls, restaurants, fast food chains & industrial kitchens.

Our people take care of all collection-related tasks, including replacing full containers with clean, empty ones.

So if you have any used cooking oil, which you would like us to collect and handle for you, please contact us today.

WHAT do you do with it ?

When the waste cooking oil arrives at our production facilities, we process and clean it by heating it to a hot liquid form.

The UCO is then separated from any particulates and any remaining water evaporated.

The cleaned UCO then undergoes a proprietary refining process to turn it into standards grade B100 (FAME).


WHO uses it ?

Any engine currently operating on standard diesel can run on B100, without any need for alterations.

Biodiesel is commonly found operating fleets of trucks, deep sea and local feeder maritime vessels, blended as airplane jet fuel, power generation plants and heating systems for manufacturing.

Endorsed by OEM’s across the world, all diesel engines are now designed to run on our cleaner, greener biodiesel fuel.











Green Power



Data Centres


Biofuel is a replacement for the harmful fossil fuels used in diesel engines. Our clean, green renewable biofuel immediately reduces your carbon emissions to almost zero, enabling organizations to stop contributing to climate change.
Our biofuels are made exclusively from recycled used vegetable cooking oil. As the management of waste oil becomes an issue all over the world, recycling it into
biofuel is recognized as the best possible way to dispose of it.

The project is supported by:

Refuelling on site reduces time

Our high quality storage tanks and pumps enable all your company’s vehicles to be refuelled on site, or our mobile tanker fleet will deliver biofuel directly to your vehicles.


Our biofuel is made from used cooking oil, a waste product and a renewable source. True waste to energy circular economy.

Management Information

Our monthly reports on your biofuel usage offer detailed insights into fuel consumption for each vehicle and give you a full supply chain audit trail. We also calculate your GHG savings.

Constant biofuel supply

Embedded technology within our storage tanks enables us to monitor your on-site biofuel supply and ensure your fuel never runs out.

Improved engine operations

Moving parts in diesel engines depend on the lubricity of fuel to prevent premature wear. Biofuel improves lubricity, increasing longevity of vehicle engines and reducing maintenance costs.

No engine modification required

Switching to biodiesel can be from one refuelling to the next without making a single change to your engine.  Fully approved by the majority of the worlds OEM’s.

The Biofuel Team

Abdullah Al-Otaibi

CEO, The Biofuel Company Limited

Gary Hubbard

SVP Commercial & Operations, The Biofuel Company Limited

Marzouk Al-Otaibi

Managing Director, The Biofuel Company Limited

Tom Bell

Technical Consultant, The Biofuel Company Limited

Paul Windmill

Commercial Manager, The Biofuel Company Limited

Noura Alshahrani

Business Development Officer, The Biofuel Company Limited

Ibrahim Adel

chemist (control & Logistics), The Biofuel Company Limited

Naïf Ali Alotaibi

Public Relations Officer, The Biofuel Company Limited

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